Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

Not Dark Yet Website

A month has passed since I last wrote a post in this blog. I have been busy putting up the main website recently so I couldn`t find the time to post here.
I would like to thank everybody for their mostly positive reactions to this site and hope you will like it in future as well.
Some didn`t like the basic idea that much of the material - especially in the news section - comes from external sources. I chose this principle simply due to the fact that through this we have the possibility of always having a very up-to-date and comprehensive survey of what is going on in the Dylan world.
Most of the items and texts published on this site are my own. This is especially true for the offers and of course this blog here in which I will go on publishing posts about my thoughts on Bob Dylan regularly.
As for the news site please feel free to send me information so I will be able to publish them there.
Keep on keepin`on.

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