Montag, 8. Februar 2010

Charles Baudelaire

Found this very interesting nearly punk-version of Baudelaire`s A Celle Qui Est Trop Gaie (To Her Who Is Too Gay) and found it quite astonishing. Hope you like it.

More News

Bob once wrote Time Passes Slowly but at the moment I feel it passes faster than ever. I hope I will find more time to write in this blog.
We have changed the radio sites again due to listener`s requests and this took quite a long time but now that they are finished we can proudly present Radio Dylan which offers you nothing but Dylan rarities and Radio Not Dark Yet broadcasting a wide variety of artists whom most of our readers/listeners like. Feel free to join and give us some information about what songs you would like to hear.
Bob was not awarded any grammies this year. Though nominated twice - Best Male Rock Vocals for Beyond Here Lies Nothin`and Best Americana Album for Together Through Life - he remained empty-handed losing the two categories to Bruce Springsteen and Levon Helm. Could have been worse.